At Happy Paws we have classes for all ages and abilities, starting from puppy class all the way up to our top class. Our classes are every Monday evening with the exception of bank holidays.

Thinking of joining us? All the info you need is on our Join Us page!

What to expect from Happy Paws

All of our trainers have passed an IMDT Practical Trainers course. This gives them the knowledge required to communicate clearly with you and your dog.
We believe training should be positive and force free. This means we will be using body language, luring and treats to communicate with and reward our dogs. This ensures that training is a fun and bonding experience for dogs and handlers.
Our classes are based on the Kennel Club Good Citizen scheme but our trainers also add their own exercises to the classes so as well as learning useful day-to-day commands, you will also be learning fun tricks to show off to friends and family!

Below is a brief summary of our classes however there is no substitute for seeing this in person, why not come visit us on a Monday evening and see what the Club is all about!

Puppy Class

Mondays @6PM

This is where our training journey begins! Our classes aim to teach you the basic exercises your puppy will need to grow into a well rounded doggy citizen, whether its a recall away from those tricky situations, socialisation with objects, people and other dogs  or a 'leave' command to avoid hazards in our environment, we aim to teach you and your puppy all the skills you need for a happy start in life. We advocate positive training and our classes focus on making training a fun and rewarding experience for dogs and handlers.

Bronze Class

Mondays @7PM

As our dogs move up from puppy class we start to expand on their baseline skills and introduce more complex exercises. We're starting to move away from treat lures and towards a well practiced range of exercises. We introduce some simple tricks. There will be regular opportunities to take the Bronze Good Citizen test as we all work towards a pass to Silver class.

Silver Class

Mondays @8PM

With our dogs working towards their Silver Award we introduce new exercises into our classes. We'll be teaching our dogs to advance their heelwork in more distracting environments, to enter and exit a vehicle in a calm manner, allowing examination by another person and much more. We add more complex tricks and scent work exercises.

Gold Class

Mondays @8PM

With our dogs working towards completion of the Kennel Club Awards Scheme the training steps up even further. Our heelwork is now off lead, your dog will learn to emergency stop from a distance, be sent away to a bed, to remain calm and settled when you leave them on their own.

Top Class

Mondays @8PM

We've completed the Kennel Club Good Citizen scheme but the learning and fun doesn't stop there! Our trainers have designed a Top Class certificate scheme that allows you to take your training even further. We're now adding tricks to our heelwork routine. The stays get even more difficult and we even teach our dogs to hold a sausage! (well, try to!)

Fun Agility

Twice a month -  a Sunday morning outside at Warren School (weather permitting) and a Wednesday evening at Broads Equestrian Centre

Alongside our obedience based training we also offer fun agility training for our Club members, all the details can be found on our Fun Agility page!


Contact Us : enquiries@happypawssuffolk.co.uk